Track Your Scores

Golden Records Online Personal Edition enables you to store and track your archery performance in the cloud, and access them from anywhere without having to use spreadsheets etc. All the features** of the club records system, but for you personally.

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View and manage your score history from the shooting line. When you are done at the end of the day, add your score at the same time you pack your gear away. As you submit your score, see your handicap and classification change.

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Monitor Your Development

The system enables you to reduce the workload of keeping your records up to date. No more asking the records officer for current handicap and classifications or to see how you are performing.

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You are better engaged with your performance, and you gain insights to help you improve.

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In an age of data at the fingertips, bring your archery into the age of the cloud.


Get it for Free!

If your club uses Golden Records Online you can get the personal edition for free as part of the club subscription. Just ask your club to set you up!

Key Features

  • Comprehensive score records
  • Access performance and score history from anywhere
  • Add scores from the shooting line
  • Analyse your performance, round by round
  • Synchronisation of data between desktop versions of Golden Records
  • Track scores by distance
  • Graphs of scores, handicaps, classifications
  • Track scores by equipment used

Archery Systems

Golden Records Online will look up Archery GB classifications and handicaps for the score, round and category and enter these automatically while calculating any improved classification. The calculation of handicaps is automated and archers handicaps are reduced automatically if a lower handicap is shot. Golden Records Online also handles the year-end re-assessment process to Archery GB rules.Up to date with the new Archery GB handicaps and classifications.

Preloaded with Australian rounds.

New Zealand:
Preloaded with New Zealand rounds

Canada and USA:
Preloaded with Canadian and USA rounds

Other Countries:
Golden Records can be used in any country (English language only) as an archery record keeping system

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