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Update to Club Records Handling

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Change to Score Submission Form

For club members the score submission form no longer requires the Qualifying switch.For club officials an additional switch has been added to confirm whether or not the score would qualify a... (Posted 9/29/2021)  Read Full Article

Recent Updates

The printing of achievement certificates has now been added to the Clubs service.  Recent changes in the desktop version such as automatic detection of awards has been added to the online service.R... (Posted 2/11/2021)  Read Full Article

Performance Issues Adding/Editing Scores

Some users may have experienced significant performance issues when adding or editing  scores.  They may also have seen a 524 error page.  This problem has been resolved and these users should now ... (Posted 7/8/2020)  Read Full Article

Updates to Club Record Handling

Golden Records Online will now handle club records separately between Club Records (scores shot within the club only) and Open Records (scores shot in open competition).  Records Officers can now o... (Posted 7/6/2020)  Read Full Article

Updated Scoresheet Entry

Up to 4 documents can now be submitted with a score including PDF.

(Posted 2/9/2020)  

Submission Errors

A number of problems preventing score submission in certain circumstances have been resolved.  These mainly relate to submitting scoresheets.

(Posted 10/20/2019)  

New Multiple Score Submission

It is now possible to add up to 10 scores at the same time.  Look for the multiple scores button on the score submission form.  If adding many scores there is an import page available. In... (Posted 8/15/2019)  Read Full Article

New Features

Users can now upload photos of their scoresheet when adding scores.  Clubs can opt to require scoresheets to be added, in which case adding a scoresheet for club members becomes mandatory.  This re... (Posted 5/27/2019)  Read Full Article

Report Formats

The format of reports in Golden Records Online has been changed, and the styles are now editable to change font, size, colour, and style for each element.

(Posted 5/18/2019)  

New Admin/Records Pages UI

A new user interface has been deployed which increases available screen space and is more compatible with mobile devices.

(Posted 3/23/2019)  

Membership Manager

The Membership management module is now available.  Apply and track member subscriptions, record payments made, track payments outstanding, email statements to members, and manage membership fees a... (Posted 2/1/2019)  Read Full Article

Member Management

Coming soon to Golden Records Online - member management module. This levers your existing member records in Golden Records Online to add subscription and payment tracking. Create subscriptions for... (Posted 1/7/2019)  Read Full Article

New Personal Service

Personal accounts are now available for Golden Records Online.  Very similar to the club service, but for individuals who just want to track their scores and performance.  No dependency on if your ... (Posted 12/22/2018)  Read Full Article

New Features

New features on Golden Records Online include the ability to create feeds of data to show on your club website.  Users can now edit score records if enabled by their club administrator.

(Posted 11/19/2018)  

New Features

New features added to Golden Records Online include: Users can add additional data to their score - equipment used, score and sight mark for each distance and useful notes.Users c... (Posted 11/2/2018)  Read Full Article

User Data Changes

Additional tables added for current handicaps and classifications.  Statistics added to round performance view - average, maximum and minimum score, hits golds, etc.

(Posted 10/27/2018)  

Resolved - Slow Data Load

The problem with slow data load has now been resolved.  Apologies for any inconvenience.

(Posted 10/25/2018)  

User Profile Changes

Changes to user profiles: handicap and classification charts moved to the performance tab.  Statistic tab renamed 'Your Shooting". Awards table now shows Class, Category and Round where applicab... (Posted 10/19/2018)  Read Full Article

Problems Fixed

The problem that prevented users seeing some of their data yesterday (16 October 2018) has been resolved.

(Posted 10/17/2018)  

New Performance Tab

User accounts now have a Performance tab that enables the user to drill down into scores, handicaps and classifications for a specific round.  Select a round and see performance data for that round... (Posted 9/28/2018)  Read Full Article

Golden Records Online

Golden Records Cloud is now Golden Records Online. Many functions of Golden Records now available on the web.  Submit scores and manage data from anywhere.  Enhanced data filtering and export fu... (Posted 7/21/2018)  Read Full Article

Golden Records Online

Coming soon.  Golden Records Cloud will become Golden Records Online More detail, more information, more control.  Overh... (Posted 7/8/2018)  Read Full Article

Security Upgrade

As previously advised, we have disabled the TLS1.0 security protocol on our server.  Users of older product versions will lose the ability to connect to the update service and will not receive upda... (Posted 6/30/2018)  Read Full Article

Important Security Update

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards require disabling the TLS1.0 security protocol by 30 June 2018.  Users MUST upgrade Golden Records and Golden Arrow to the latest versi... (Posted 6/22/2018)  Read Full Article

Website Outage

An update on the website outage today. It appears that last evening a trencher cut through a fibre optic cable serving a data center where our server is hosted. It was not until this morning that... (Posted 6/1/2018)  Read Full Article

Golden Records Update

A new version of Golden Records is available.  This fixes a few bugs, and enforces handicap calculations only on the rounds in the AGB tables and Frostbite.  The use of option Strict further restri... (Posted 5/18/2018)  Read Full Article


New Data Protection Regulations come into force on the 25 May 2018.  Known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), they significantly increase data protection obligations and the rights o... (Posted 5/13/2018)  Read Full Article

Legacy Web Services Being Withdrawn

For Cloud users, legacy web services are being withdrawn. If you are running an older version of Golden Records v4 you may not be able to log in or connect. Updating to a newer version will resol... (Posted 4/29/2018)  Read Full Article

Two-factor Authentication Now Available

For cloud users, two-factor authentication is now available. Activate it from the settings/profile page. You will need an Authenticator app like AuthyRead Full Article