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Latest Updates

Categories Are Now Age Groups

Categories are now described as Age Groups.

(Posted 9/28/2022)  

New Age Groups

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Renamed Archery GB Rounds

Archery GB from 1 April 2022 has renamed a number of rounds.  What was Short Windsor is now Windsor 50, what was Short Junior Warwick is now Warwick 30.  The new rounds can be brought into the rounds ... (Posted 3/26/2022)  Read Full Article

Update to Club Records Handling

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Change to Score Submission Form

For club members the score submission form no longer requires the Qualifying switch.For club officials an additional switch has been added to confirm whether or not the score would qualify a... (Posted 9/29/2021)  Read Full Article

Recent Updates

The printing of achievement certificates has now been added to the Clubs service.  Recent changes in the desktop version such as automatic detection of awards has been added to the online service.R... (Posted 2/11/2021)  Read Full Article

Performance Issues Adding/Editing Scores

Some users may have experienced significant performance issues when adding or editing  scores.  They may also have seen a 524 error page.  This problem has been resolved and these users should now ... (Posted 7/8/2020)  Read Full Article

Updates to Club Record Handling

Golden Records Online will now handle club records separately between Club Records (scores shot within the club only) and Open Records (scores shot in open competition).  Records Officers can now o... (Posted 7/6/2020)  Read Full Article

Updated Scoresheet Entry

Up to 4 documents can now be submitted with a score including PDF.

(Posted 2/9/2020)  

Submission Errors

A number of problems preventing score submission in certain circumstances have been resolved.  These mainly relate to submitting scoresheets.

(Posted 10/20/2019)