Manage Score Records

Golden Records Online Club Edition enables your club to store your archery club records in the cloud, and access them from anywhere without having to manually copy files from one PC to another.

Golden Records Online is a fully featured archery records management system. Adaptable and customisable it keeps records by each season. You maintain a list of club members for whom records are to be kept, along with a customisable list of rounds and bow classes.

Chart of Active Archers

Up to date with the new Archery GB handicaps and classifications.

As you get score records coming in, enter them into a master records table, no need to find the records for the individual archer, just pick his/her name from the list and add the score and other details. Track awards easily.

Motivate Members

Your members can submit their scores online to make it even easier. They can track performance and see their personal bests, current handicaps and current classifications.

Chart of Handicaps Shot

Members can submit and see scores online, and handicaps and classifications are automatically updated. No more bits of paper, no more chasing, no more asking the records officer for current handicap and classifications.

They can see performance data about their scores, are they improving, what was their best and worst scores. See graphical charts of score, handicap and classification.

Manage Your Members

Manage your club memberships using Golden Records Online. Track subscriptions, manage renewals, check payment status, and email statements direct to your members.

  • Comprehensive membership manager.
  • Apply and track member subscriptions.
  • Record payments
  • See who has and has not paid
  • Email statements to members
  • Apply renewals

All included in the Club Edition subscription.

Manage Your Club

Equipment inventory, track and register all club assets.

Register attendance at club events and on club days.

Club calendar, advertise events to your members and record who is attending.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive score records
  • Track club records, and be notified when broken
  • Share records with members and club committee onlineOnline submission of scores
  • Online access for Club Members at no extra cost
  • Members can analyse their performance, round by round
  • Checking of juniors and automated update on birthdays
  • Automatic Handicap and Classification adjustment (Archery GB system)
  • Synchronisation of data between desktop versions of Golden Records
  • Personal Bests
  • Preloaded with UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand archery rounds, bow styles and categories
  • Attendance register
  • Club calendar and attendance tracking
  • Equipment inventory

Archery Systems

Golden Records Online will look up Archery GB classifications and handicaps for the score, round and category and enter these automatically while calculating any improved classification. The calculation of handicaps is automated and archers handicaps are reduced automatically if a lower handicap is shot. Golden Records Online also handles the year-end re-assessment process to Archery GB rules.Up to date with the new Archery GB handicaps and classifications.

Preloaded with Australian rounds.

New Zealand:
Preloaded with New Zealand rounds

Canada and USA:
Preloaded with Canadian and USA rounds

Other Countries:
Golden Records can be used in any country (English language only) as an archery record keeping system.

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