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Personal Bests

There is an update to display of personal best scores providing information on how the score ranks and improvement.

This has also been added to the clubs section and the API.

Thanks to Adam Hill of Gosport Bowmen for providing the background code.

(Posted 5/23/2024)  

Inventory Feature

A new feature has been added for clubs, the ability to maintain an inventory of club equipment along with date acquired, original and replacement cost, current condition and who it has been loaned to among other data.

The facility also includes being able to add a photograph of the item and a copy of any receipt.  This along with a description will assist clubs in reporting thefts to the police and pursuing an insurance claim.

(Posted 5/9/2024)  

New Features

Golden Records Online has been updated to add two new features.

Club Calendar

Club events can be added to an Outlook style calendar and advertised to members through their online portal.  Events can be made private and hidden from members and it supports colour coding and recurring events.  Event attendance can be managed, and through the existing Waiting List feature beginners course and taster sessions can be also managed.  Members can add their desire to attend and this will be visible to the club managers.


Attendance of members can be tracked and reported.  This is independent of the calendar and only records the day attended and not times.  Data can be exported or reported within Golden Records Online to show how often members are attending.  An import facility is available for adding existing data or for bulk updating.

(Posted 4/26/2024)  

Subscription Price Increased

Subscription rates have increased from April 14 2024 to £27.50 for an annual club subscription, £49.50 for 2 years and £71.50 for 3 years. The personal subscription rate has increased to £11 per year.

The increase will apply from the next renewal, or in the case of trial subscriptions from the end of the trial.

The previous subscription price for Golden Records Online was set back in 2017.

Although this increase exceeds inflation it is the first increase in 7 years and to keep pace with inflation since 2017 a 25% increase would be needed.  Future increases will be annual.

(Posted 4/14/2024)  

Update to Golden Records

Golden Records online and desktop has been updated to add two user definable fields to Club Records and to enable in the UK the automatic mapping of age groups and rounds for club records to be disabled.  This will enable the built in mappings to be disabled if desired to treat new and old age groups as being different for club records purposes.

(Posted 4/8/2024)  


Golden Records Online has been given a makeover to modernise and improve usability.  The main change to the private pages is replacing the vertical menu with a horizontal menu to make best use of the screen width for large tables.  There is no significant change in content but the re-design lays the foundation for adding new features in the future.

(Posted 3/29/2024)  

Privacy Policy Updated

The privacy policy for Golden Records Online has been updated with respect to Data Processing under GDPR.


Please contact if you have any concerns.

(Posted 2/18/2024)  

Subscriptions Migrated

All subscriptions to Golden Records Online have been migrated this morning to the Chargebee subscription management platform.  Subscribers affected will have received emails from Chargebee.

There is no change to expiry date but when it comes to renewal payment details will have to be re-entered.

Users who subscribed via PayPal will have received an email from PayPal advising that their subscription has been cancelled, this is only in respect of the billing agreement.  A new payment mandate will need to be set up through Chargebee.

Your subscription can now be managed through the Account page in Golden Records Online.

The change is to improve service and reduce administration.

(Posted 2/11/2024)  

Subscription Changes

Subscriptions for Golden Records Online will be moved to Chargebee over the next few days.  This will have the following impacts:

  • Existing subscriptions due in the near future will be extended to the end of February, and payment collections already set up will be paused.
  • Migrated subscriptions will retain their expiry dates but will need to have payment details added when they renew.
  • Users may get notifications that their subscriptions have been cancelled.  This is only the case in respect of existing payments, the subscription will continue until renewal.

After migration users will benefit from more flexibility in payment and more control over managing their subscription.

(Posted 2/8/2024)  

Price Increases

The current subscription price for Golden Records Online was set in 2017. The subscription covers the costs of hosting the site and the necessary support services and software purchase/upgrades, it doesn’t cover time spent developing the system or maintenance/support.

Since 2017 increased costs have been offset by an increasing user base. However, an increasing user base also means more demand on the services which have required upgrading. Microsoft increased the cost of Azure services by 9% in 2023 and other Cloud providers similarly.  Alternatives have been considered, but would be likely to reduce performance or data security unacceptably.

It is with regret that the subscription rates will have to increase from April 1 this year by 10% to £27.50 for an annual club subscription, £49 for 2 years and £70 for 3 years. The personal subscription rate will increase to £11.  Although this increase exceeds inflation it is the first increase in 7 years and to keep pace with inflation since 2017 a 25% increase would be needed.  In future prices will increase in line with inflation each year.

(Posted 1/3/2024)