This is our backup policy and how data can be recovered.

Point in Time Backups

Continuous backups are made which can be restored to any point in time up to 35 days in the past. We offer both complete restore (where all data is restored to that point in time, and newer data deleted) or missing data restore (any missing rows are restored).

Data restore is at the row level only – only complete database rows are restored, we cannot generally restore individual values in a row.

Weekly Backups

Weekly backups are made and kept for up to 52 weeks. The same limitations on restoring data apply as for point in time backups.

Requesting Restore

To request data restore submit a request through the support pages providing data to enable authenticity of the request to be validated. Restoring data may take up to 72 hours, but will be completed sooner if possible,

For point in time restore – provide the time to which data should be restored. Please note that it is labour intensive to retrieve backups and restore, and therefore it is not possible to keep searching backups until a specific data item has been found.