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Latest Updates

23 March 2019

New Admin/Records Pages UI

A new user interface has been deployed which increases available screen space and is more compatible with mobile devices.

01 February 2019

Membership Manager

The Membership management module is now available.  Apply and track member subscriptions, record payments made, track payments outstanding, email statements to members, and manage membership fees and renewals. Club Admins can now add other users with either Records only rights, or Memberships only rights.  Club Admins retain access to both, but can restrict access as […]
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07 January 2019

Member Management

Coming soon to Golden Records Online – member management module. This levers your existing member records in Golden Records Online to add subscription and payment tracking. Create subscriptions for different member grades and track which are current or expired/expiring. Track which subscriptions have been paid for and which have monies owing. Log payments against subscriptions. […]
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22 December 2018

New Personal Service

Personal accounts are now available for Golden Records Online.  Very similar to the club service, but for individuals who just want to track their scores and performance.  No dependency on if your club uses Golden Records Online, just a low annual subscription and you are good to go.

19 November 2018

New Features

New features on Golden Records Online include the ability to create feeds of data to show on your club website.  Users can now edit score records if enabled by their club administrator.

02 November 2018

New Features

New features added to Golden Records Online include: Users can add additional data to their score – equipment used, score and sight mark for each distance and useful notes. Users can delete scores (requires Club Admin to enable) Filter by season added to Club records In addition, a number of bugs have been fixed, along […]
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27 October 2018

User Data Changes

Additional tables added for current handicaps and classifications.  Statistics added to round performance view – average, maximum and minimum score, hits golds, etc.

25 October 2018

Resolved – Slow Data Load

The problem with slow data load has now been resolved.  Apologies for any inconvenience.

19 October 2018

User Profile Changes

Changes to user profiles: handicap and classification charts moved to the performance tab.  Statistic tab renamed ‘Your Shooting”. Awards table now shows Class, Category and Round where applicable.