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Privacy Policy Updated

The privacy policy for Golden Records Online has been updated with respect to Data Processing under GDPR.

Please contact if you have any concerns.

(Posted 2/18/2024)  

Subscriptions Migrated

All subscriptions to Golden Records Online have been migrated this morning to the Chargebee subscription management platform.  Subscribers affected will have received emails from Chargebee.

There is no change to expiry date but when it comes to renewal payment details will have to be re-entered.

Users who subscribed via PayPal will have received an email from PayPal advising that their subscription has been cancelled, this is only in respect of the billing agreement.  A new payment mandate will need to be set up through Chargebee.

Your subscription can now be managed through the Account page in Golden Records Online.

The change is to improve service and reduce administration.



(Posted 2/11/2024)  

Subscription Changes

Subscriptions for Golden Records Online will be moved to Chargebee over the next few days.  This will have the following impacts:

  • Existing subscriptions due in the near future will be extended to the end of February, and payment collections already set up will be paused.
  • Migrated subscriptions will retain their expiry dates but will need to have payment details added when they renew.
  • Users may get notifications that their subscriptions have been cancelled.  This is only the case in respect of existing payments, the subscription will continue until renewal.

After migration users will benefit from more flexibility in payment and more control over managing their subscription.

(Posted 2/8/2024)  

Price Increases

The current subscription price for Golden Records Online was set in 2017. The subscription covers the costs of hosting the site and the necessary support services and software purchase/upgrades, it doesn’t cover time spent developing the system or maintenance/support.

Since 2017 increased costs have been offset by an increasing user base. However, an increasing user base also means more demand on the services which have required upgrading. Microsoft increased the cost of Azure services by 9% in 2023 and other Cloud providers similarly.  Alternatives have been considered, but would be likely to reduce performance or data security unacceptably.

It is with regret that the subscription rates will have to increase from April 1 this year by 10% to £27.50 for an annual club subscription, £49 for 2 years and £70 for 3 years. The personal subscription rate will increase to £11.  Although this increase exceeds inflation it is the first increase in 7 years and to keep pace with inflation since 2017 a 25% increase would be needed.  In future prices will increase in line with inflation each year.

(Posted 1/3/2024)  

Scores Not Uploaded

Scores entered online since yesterday may not have been entered into the database. Users are asked to check that any scores they entered are there, and if not they will have to be entered again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

(Posted 12/20/2023)  

Christmas and New Year 2023

Wishing all customers and users a Merry Christmas.

Technical support will be limited to high priority issues only between 18 December 2023 and 3 January 2024. Maintenance of Golden Records Online will continue but will be limited to critical issues.

(Posted 12/15/2023)  

Apps Available

There are two phone apps available which combine scoring with connection to Golden Records Online.

Android –

Apple –

These are both produced and maintained by Jeff Allan.

(Posted 10/23/2023)  

Issues With Activation Emails

There have been issues with sending activation emails.  These have not been received.  After discussion with the email service provider Brevo | CRM Suite the issue appears to have been resolved.

(Posted 10/20/2023)  

Indoor Handicap and Classification Update

The official announcement from Archery GB of the update to indoor handicaps and classifications and transitional arrangements can be found here Indoor Classifications & Handicap Update | Archery GB

Golden Records online and desktop** are both up to date with the new system.

**  Build 23245 or later

(Posted 9/12/2023)  

New Archery GB Indoor Classifications

Golden Records (Online and Desktop) now supports the new Archery GB Indoor Classification system. This comes into effect from 1 July 2023 for the Indoor 2023/24 season. Any indoor scores so far entered will be adjusted automatically. Any classifications brought forward from Indoor 2022/23 will be reset so all archers will start Indoor 2023/24 as Unclassified.

The new system is similar to the outdoor system but with 8 grades instead of 9 (no Elite Master Bowman level). Classifications are prefixed “Indoor” eg “Indoor Archer 1st Class” with qualification on number of arrows (10 doz for Archer, 15 doz for Bowman +) and the same status qualification that Bowman cannot be achieved in practice and the Master tier requires record status.

Information will be available on the Archery GB website soon.

Note that WA Combined has been removed from both the handicap and the classification tables and is now regarded as two separate rounds for handicap and classification purposes.

(Posted 9/1/2023)