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Apps Available

There are two phone apps available which combine scoring with connection to Golden Records Online.

Android –

Apple –

These are both produced and maintained by Jeff Allan.

(Posted 10/23/2023)  

Issues With Activation Emails

There have been issues with sending activation emails.  These have not been received.  After discussion with the email service provider Brevo | CRM Suite the issue appears to have been resolved.

(Posted 10/20/2023)  

Indoor Handicap and Classification Update

The official announcement from Archery GB of the update to indoor handicaps and classifications and transitional arrangements can be found here Indoor Classifications & Handicap Update | Archery GB

Golden Records online and desktop** are both up to date with the new system.

**  Build 23245 or later

(Posted 9/12/2023)  

New Archery GB Indoor Classifications

Golden Records (Online and Desktop) now supports the new Archery GB Indoor Classification system. This comes into effect from 1 July 2023 for the Indoor 2023/24 season. Any indoor scores so far entered will be adjusted automatically. Any classifications brought forward from Indoor 2022/23 will be reset so all archers will start Indoor 2023/24 as Unclassified.

The new system is similar to the outdoor system but with 8 grades instead of 9 (no Elite Master Bowman level). Classifications are prefixed “Indoor” eg “Indoor Archer 1st Class” with qualification on number of arrows (10 doz for Archer, 15 doz for Bowman +) and the same status qualification that Bowman cannot be achieved in practice and the Master tier requires record status.

Information will be available on the Archery GB website soon.

Note that WA Combined has been removed from both the handicap and the classification tables and is now regarded as two separate rounds for handicap and classification purposes.

(Posted 9/1/2023)  

Updated Indoor Handicaps

Golden Record Desktop and Online have been updated to use the latest Archery GB Indoor Handicap tables (to be announced shortly). Indoor classifications are expected in September.

An automatic process will update any indoor scores so far entered to the new tables.

(Posted 8/7/2023)  

Golden Records Updated

An update to Golden Records has expanded the scope of Round and Age Group linking and made linking old and new Archery GB Rounds and Age Groups default. Parent is now referred to as Origin and Child as Target. There can be any number of Target rounds or age groups each linked to a different Origin. So WA 1440 Gents as Origin links to WA 1440 (90m) as Target. Ladies as Origin now links by default to a Target of Women. For Club Record purposes all Origin rounds or age groups are now automatically linked to a target. For example FITA Gents AND WA1440 Gents are now automatically (where they exist) mapped to WA 1440 (90m) and will be considered the same for assessing club records. Similarly Ladies and Women.

For UK users Age Group links also impact on Classifications meaning that Classifications achieved after 22 October 2022 will be marked as Men even if the original scores were shot as Gentlemen.

(Posted 7/8/2023)  

Archery GB Indoor Classifications

Archery GB were planning to update the Indoor Classification and Handicaps for the start of the Indoor 23/24 season.  This is understood to be delayed until after the start of the season, but before clubs normally start shooting indoors.

Golden Records will therefore continue to return values from the existing tables until the updated tables are available.  However, in the case of Golden Records Desktop there is a hard coded sunset date on the current Indoor classifications of 30 June 2023.  After this date Golden Records Desktop will not return Indoor classification and handicaps.  This sunset date has been deferred as of Build 23178 released today.

(Posted 6/27/2023)  

Update to Golden Records

Golden Records, both online and desktop have been updated.  The update addresses an issue when the option to compute senior records is set and the age group is non-standard.  This resulted in archers being assigned to an age group with the wrong gender.

(Posted 6/25/2023)  

Email Issues Resolved

The email issues advised yesterday have been resolved.

(Posted 6/16/2023)  

Email Issues

There is degraded email performance with Brevo who send notification and activation emails. This is delaying the sending of emails.

(Posted 6/15/2023)