Archer Round Class Category Score Date Location
Alex Williams Albion Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 878 5/17/2023 Coombe Dingle Sports Complex
Will Black American Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 684 8/25/2019 Ely Archers
Alex Williams Bray I Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 269 2/6/2023 Cleve Archers
Alex Williams Bristol I Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 1089 5/20/2023 Anniversary Competition Coombe Dingle Sports Complex
Alex Williams Double Portsmouth Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 1074 12/11/2022 SWWU Leg 3 Coombe Dingle Sports Complex
Cat McBride Double Portsmouth Recurve Exp. Ladies 852 12/11/2022 Bristol SWWU
Alex Williams Double WA70m Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 1175 4/16/2023 Cleve Spring Tournament
Will Black Frostbite Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 324 1/30/2022 Exeter SWWU
Will Black Hereford Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 963 8/8/2021 Bath Archers
Alex Williams Long Metric Men Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 499 6/14/2022 Cleve Archers
Alex Williams Long National Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 447 10/23/2022 Cleve End of Season
Illaria Knibb National Barebow Nov. Ladies 324 7/4/2021 Kettering Archers
Illaria Knibb National 50 Barebow Nov. Ladies 286 8/15/2021 Kettering Archers
Alex Williams New National Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 430 5/24/2023 Coombe Dingle Sports Complex
Alex Williams New Western Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 600 5/24/2023 Coombe Dingle Sports Complex
Will Black Portsmouth Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 577 11/28/2021 Somerset Country Indoors
Mathilde Ducroz Portsmouth Longbow Exp. Ladies 332 1/20/2023 Coombe Dingle sport complex
Alice Bailey Portsmouth Barebow Exp. Ladies 513 12/17/2022 Coombe Dingle
Jonathan Gilmore Portsmouth Longbow Nov. Gentlemen 324 11/20/2022 BristolUni Coombe Dingle
Cameron Attwood Portsmouth Barebow Nov. Gentlemen 478 12/9/2022 Coombe Dingle Sports Center
Will Black Portsmouth Triple Face Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 561 3/13/2022 Gloucestershire Senior Indoor County Champs
Amy Bode Portsmouth Triple Face Compound Exp. Ladies 580 11/2/2022 Bowbrook archery club
Alex Williams Short Metric I Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 608 7/30/2022 Bowmen of Rutland
Illaria Knibb Short Metric I Barebow Nov. Ladies 364 7/25/2021 Kettering Archers
Alex Williams St George Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 769 6/22/2022 Bowmen of Rutland
Alex Williams WA 1440 90m Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 1089 6/23/2022 Bowmen of Rutland
Alex Williams WA 18m Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 539 2/5/2023 GWAS Indoors Hutton Moor Leisure Centre
Mathilde Ducroz WA 18m Longbow Exp. Ladies 235 3/13/2023 Cleve Archers
Alice Bailey WA 18m Barebow Exp. Ladies 475 11/20/2022 Coombs Dingle Sports Complex
Cameron Attwood WA 18m Barebow Nov. Gentlemen 444 3/13/2023 Cleve Archers
Cat McBride WA 18m Recurve Nov. Ladies 292 8/31/2022 Meriden Archery Club
Will Black WA 18m Triple Face Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 542 3/14/2020 BUCS Indoor Finals 2020
Amy Bode WA 18m Triple Face Compound Exp. Ladies 564 11/26/2022 bowbrook archery club
Will Black WA 25m Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 526 12/22/2019 Ely Archers
Rex Zhang WA 25m Barebow Exp. Gentlemen 382 11/25/2022 Coombe Dingle Sports Complex
Amy Bode WA 25m Triple Face Compound Exp. Ladies 562 11/25/2022 bristol uni
Alice Bailey WA 50m Barebow Exp. Ladies 397 5/29/2022 Coombe Dingle
Illaria Knibb WA 50m 122cm Face Barebow Nov. Ladies 292 6/13/2021 Lilleshall Hall
Alex Williams WA 70m Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 604 4/16/2023 Cleve Spring Tournament
Mathilde Ducroz WA 70m Longbow Exp. Ladies 102 5/14/2023 Combe Dingle sport complex
Alex Williams WA 900 Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 800 4/23/2023 Bath SWWU
Mathilde Ducroz WA 900 Longbow Exp. Ladies 317 5/17/2023 Combe Dingle sport complex
Illaria Knibb WA 900 Barebow Exp. Ladies 610 6/12/2022 Lilleshall
Austin Zhan WA 900 Recurve Nov. Gentlemen 536 6/12/2021 Shropshire
Cameron Attwood WA 900 Barebow Nov. Gentlemen 498 4/30/2023 Bath
Izzy Wilde WA 900 Recurve Nov. Ladies 349 5/13/2022 Coombe Dingle
Bethan Jones WA 900 Barebow Nov. Ladies 491 4/30/2023 University of Bath SWWU
Alice Bailey Western Barebow Exp. Ladies 536 7/2/2022 Peacock Archers
Alex Williams Worcester Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 280 2/8/2023 Coombe Dingle Sports Complex
Alex Williams York Recurve Exp. Gentlemen 918 6/25/2022 Bowmen of Rutland