Membership Manager

The Membership management module is now available.  Apply and track member subscriptions, record payments made, track payments outstanding, email statements to members, and manage membership fees and renewals. Club Admins can now add other users with either Records only rights, or Memberships only rights.  Club Admins retain access to both, but can restrict access as desired.  Members can update their contact details and address through their user pages, keeping club records up to date. Available now at

Member Management

Coming soon to Golden Records Online - member management module. This levers your existing member records in Golden Records Online to add subscription and payment tracking. Create subscriptions for different member grades and track which are current or expired/expiring. Track which subscriptions have been paid for and which have monies owing. Log payments against subscriptions. Produce statements for each member of active subscriptions and payments made. Turn existing address and contact data in Golden Records Online into a membership database with self service updating by your members of their address, phone number, and email. Create and manage a waiting list for new members or beginners and migrate them to full membership with the click of a button. Access to it by Club admins or delegated users with access only to the membership section. Will become available shortly.

New Personal Service

Personal accounts are now available for Golden Records Online.  Very similar to the club service, but for individuals who just want to track their scores and performance.  No dependency on if your club uses Golden Records Online, just a low annual subscription and you are good to go.

New Features

New features added to Golden Records Online include:
  • Users can add additional data to their score - equipment used, score and sight mark for each distance and useful notes.
  • Users can delete scores (requires Club Admin to enable)
  • Filter by season added to Club records
In addition, a number of bugs have been fixed, along with several tweaks to usability. Coming very soon data feeds for club websites.

Golden Records Online

Golden Records Cloud is now Golden Records Online. Many functions of Golden Records now available on the web.  Submit scores and manage data from anywhere.  Enhanced data filtering and export functions.  Free yourself from the desktop. Log in now to see the changes.  90-day free trial available.

Golden Records Update

A new version of Golden Records is available.  This fixes a few bugs, and enforces handicap calculations only on the rounds in the AGB tables and Frostbite.  The use of option Strict further restricts rounds to only those listed in AGB tables 1-8. There are a few other minor changes, but the major change is an update to Microsoft .Net version 4.5.  This is ahead of PCI DSS requirements that demand the disabling of the TLS1.0 security protocol by 30 June this year.  This requires Golden Records to be updated to support only TLS1.1 and TLS1.2.  This version of .Net is unfortunately not supported by Windows XP and Windows Vista, except Vista service pack 2.  Consequently, while existing installations will continue to work, this version and future versions can only be installed on Windows Vista Service Pack 2 or later.  When TLS1.0 is disabled on our server on 30 June, existing versions will continue to work, but will be unable to connect to any web services.  Update notifications will cease, and cloud services will be disabled. All users are urged to update to this version as soon as possible.  We regret the inconvenience, but PCI DSS compliance is a requisite of being able to sell online.  In addition TLS1.0 is now regarded as a weak security protocol.  We have already disabled SSL. Please contact us if you need further information.