Benefits for Clubs


Low cost records management and better member services

Easier for Records Officers, less chasing, less distraction = more shooting for you!

Members can check their own records = records more likely to be accurate

Manage records from anywhere, any time

Better records – no reliance on bits of paper, provide a better service to your members

Off-site backup of data, less risk of loss if PC/Laptop stolen

Less reliance on single individuals who may leave the club

Get a snapshot of what members are shooting

Find out who are your most active members

Get a snapshot of records activity:

Benefits for Members


Free records tracking for club members with a club subscription

Submit scores to your Records Officer from the shooting line, or when you get home

Instant changes to handicap and classification

Check your club has accurate records

Keep tabs on your current handicap and classifications

View your records at any time, not just when you are at the club

Keeps your Records Officer happy, less being chased

Concentrate on shooting, not records

Track your performance with comprehensive details of your scores, distance data, and equipment

Drill down into performance data: